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10/22/17 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Procrastinator's Guide to Northshore Pumpkin Patches

So you looked up and now it's one week until Halloween! Haven't experienced the annual tradition of visiting a local pumpkin patch yet? Have no fear! You still have perfect pumpkin options across the Northshore. Phone numbers are provided, so please check in with each location before loading up the minivan! Happy Halloween!   9th Annual Pumpkins in the... More >

08/10/17 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Back to School Checklist for Your Home

Get Your Home Organized With a Back-to-School Checklist   We loved this story by Laura Gaskill featured on one of favorite home reno sites, Houzz.  Lots of practical ideas to help get your family off on the right foot this back to school season. This weekend I'll be working on cleaning out closets and preparing for the paper storm. ... More >

04/19/17 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Tax Refunds for Home Reno Fun

            Expecting a refund from Uncle Same this year? Well, congratulations! Investing that money back into your home can be a great use of those funds, regardless of the check's size. When it comes to sell and move on - whether for a new job, new baby, empty nest, or retirement - those small investments that you've been... More >

02/05/17 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Center of Attention

Photo by Chango & Co. - Discover transitional family room design inspiration Hosting a get together for the Superbowl this year? How often have the wished you had a more perfect place for your television in the room where you entertain most? A common struggle in home design is how to keep your TV from hogging from the spotlight in your great room or den. Tucked away in a... More >

05/24/16 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Bye-Bye Empty Nest

Babst|Saxton Team Creates  New Webpage to Identify West St. Tammany Properties with Guest Houses A new article recently published by the AP caught the attention of our team earlier this week. Working with multiple clients who anticipate a multi-generaltional living arrangement in the near future, we are often asked to locate a property where a family... More >

03/15/16 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Meet Me on the Porch

              Spring is here, so you know what that means. Easter baskets. Blooming tulips. And long visits on the porch sipping iced tea and mint juleps. This great article by  Garden and Gun  has some beautiful recommendations for achieving the perfect porch setting by choosing the right ceiling color. We hope... More >

01/21/16 by The Babst | Saxton Team

While The Mice are Away...

This week Gardner, Realtors is hosting continuing education classes for all of our agents at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. We are grateful that our broker invests heavily in making our agents the best equipped to represent buyers and sellers in our market. And while 3/4 of our team is busy learning some great tips for having a successful 2016, the cat (Ginny) is back at work, writing... More >

11/05/15 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Getting the Band Back Together: Old Friends Create a Neighborhood that's "Just Right"

“Bestie Row”: Lifelong Friends Build A Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere September 27, 2015  by  Joe Martino Having close friends is the best! They are the people you have fun with — the people you go on adventures with, turn to in tough times, and grow with throughout your life. Sometimes we have best friends from when we are very... More >

01/30/15 by The Babst | Saxton Team

Frank Saxton Shares Home-Buying Insight with Times-Picayune and

Frank was asked to share insight with home-buyers about how to keep the process as stress-free as possible. Take a look and share with anyone you know about to venture into the home-buying adventure!   How To - A Stress Free Home Purchase It's not like buying a toaster--buying a home happens infrequently, and rarely does it happen without another major life change on top of... More >

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